High-quality technology solutions

Appmill provides a knowledgeable and cost-effective service for business programming needs.
We work on projects as an additional resource or take overall responsibility for the agreed entity. The capacity and comprehensive expertise of our team of 20 people have brought us, long-term customers.
In our projects, we use the latest technologies which allow the product to have the longest possible life cycle.”


LESS and Sass


PHP (Yii, Laravel, CI)
Perl (Dancer)
Python (web2py)
SQL + MongoDB + Influx DB

Client-Server: HTTP, AJAX, REST, JSON, WebSockets 

Version control systems: GIT, SVN

Open source

An extensive collection of open source technologies.

Data intelligence
Block chain

and many more.


Joustavasti and flexibly


Mobile device programming

Cloud services

Customer portals

Mobile tickets

Game development

Application architecture

Map applications

ERP systems

User experience development

Data analysis, machine learning

Reporting solutions

Blockchain expertise

Accounting systems

Quality assurance services


Great product solutions

Digital admission tickets

Digital admission ticket to your event!
Suitable for museums, festivals, webinars, remote care, web booms, for example..

- Easy ordering and payment
- Always on the phone
- For events of all sizes

Mobile application

Convenient mobile ticketing application, with all real-time information, stop and route information, ticket sales and management.

- Help your customers find their destination
- Facilitate time management and route management
- Easily manage ticket sales

Route applications

Improve public transportation in your community. Move residents with the city app.

- Facilitates movement and exploring the city
- Encourages walking and cycling, lowering your carbon footprint
- Create a positive cityscape as part of urban planning

Enterprice data management

Collect and convert data into an easy-to-present format.

- Time consuming process fast
- Facilitates information retrieval and filtering
- Ability to combine many different data sources
"We are ready to jump into your development project, at any stage of the project."

Jyrki Suominen

Appmill.io Appmill.io is a young and flexible company that provides software development services to the Nordic market through our offshore network. If you’re looking for an author for mobile and web applications, a database wizard, or something else, we offer you a workable total solution.


Jobs well done.


Real-time location information
As the most significant work, we have made the Sampo system for Sitowise. Sampo is a complete taxi centre implementation. It includes route, fleet optimization, shared rides, rights management (VPL rides) and mobile phone application with TWA technology. Good cooperation has continued since 2015.

We have collaboratively developed numerous implementations based on real-time location data, GTFS (public transit data, routes, timetables, stops, etc.).

We have made an application for ordering a call bus and publishing location information (taking into account GDPR requirements).

In collaboration with:
Jaakko Rintamäki and Jari-Pekka Frantsi


Hire programmers
We have been hiring programmers for Vinka for a long time. For Off-site programming we have provided individuals for full-stack and front-end work.

Our employees have done great teamwork with Vinka’s awesome programmers.

In collaboration with:
Peitsa Turvanen


A highly secure application platform
Suomen Kotihoitotekniikka Oy was in a hurry to get the agreed high-security application implemented for the global medical giant.

Our team coded the following measures according to the end customer's requirements (single purpose device locking, two-way SSL encryption, digital signature of the material, signature verification, two-way certificate authentication).

As a result, Appmill’s CEO became a minority shareholder in the client company and serves as the company’s technical director alongside other jobs.

In collaboration with:
Mika Paananen


Teko project
Yrityspalvelu Teko Oy develops its customers' business through marketing. In the role of subcontractor, Appmill Oy participated in the renewal of IS Automotive's website by implementing the Car Search engine embedded in the website. The search deals with the availability of cars in the warehouses of several different suppliers, exchange rates and delivery cost data consisting of several variables, forming real-time price and availability information for the car fleet for sale around the world.

Check out the search engine at https://isautomotive.com/car-search/

In collaboration with:
Tuomas Saarinen

Jyrki Suominen

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